Yamaha PSR SX900 Digital Arranger Package

Connect with the music

At the top of the PSR SX900 is the crown jewel of the arranger - the 7'' full-colour touch screen. Granting you full control over this powerful arranger, this intuitive interface will add a new dimension to your performance. For all of the functions that you need to access on-demand, you can quickly assign them to a whole range of different areas on the keyboard. Choose from the six assignable buttons, live control knobs, pedals, or the home shortcut menu, then instantly recall them with a single touch.

Play in style

To ensure that you're comfortable during performances, Yamaha have placed their FSB keyboard into the PSR SX900. The heavier initial key resistance and greater key travel offer an expressive and responsive playing experience. Even if you like to play on the back of the keys, the refined keyboard structure with an adjusted fulcrum lets you play comfortably at all times. This upgraded structure even suppresses' any horizontal key movement. So you can add plenty of style and nuance into your music, the PSR SX900 even features a joystick which offers intuitive pitch and modulation control. Perfect for playing rapid trills, dynamic pitch bends, or even the smallest amount of modulation, the joystick enables you to take full control from one single, easily configurable controller.

A new dimension of powerful sounds

Jam-packed with an extensive and spine-tingling set of authentic voices, the PSR SX900 includes every sound that you can think of! This new and exciting list of sounds has been finely tuned to ensure they have greater power and maximum expression. Lovers of Yamaha arrangers will be thrilled to learn that the Yamaha Genos and PSR SX900 share the same professional drum library - Revo! Loved by musicians all of the world, Revo! Drums will bring new levels of authenticity to your performance. The PSR SX900 consists of four keyboard parts for optimal manual performance: LEFT, RIGHT 1, RIGHT 2, and RIGHT 3. By combining these, you can create rich instrumental textures while enjoying convenient performance combinations.

Listen to every detail

To ensure that you can hear every aspect of your performance, the PSR SX900 uses a responsive polypropylene diaphragm. Perfect for ensuring crisp and high-quality tones, this diaphragm design delivers an even sound throughout a broad listening area. Around the back of the PSR SX900 you will find a completely overhauled set of I/O which focuses on delivering the highest possible sound quality. The new Digital Audio Converter (DAC) provides high quality defined sound across a wide frequency range, ensuring that the PSR SX900 always cuts through the mix. One of the main upgrades on the PSR SX900 are the two sub line-out connections which offer even more versatility over your sound. Try routing bass through a separate subwoofer for a fuller, more powerful bottom end, or send parts and drum instruments to an external console to further develop your sound

Chord looper

One of the best features on the PSR SX900 is the all-new Chord Looper. A simple yet powerful tool, the Chord Looper enables you to record a chord sequence and immediately play it back. Doing this will free up your left hand so you can now enhance your performance even further. And because the chords playback in a loop, you don't need to manually repeat the chord pattern anymore. Add your chords, loop them, play a catchy melody in your right hand, and add a funky bass riff in your left hand!

Included in this pack


  • New FSB keyboard, with 61 keys and touch response
  • 1337 Voices, including 252 Super Articulation Voices, 24 Organ Flutes! Voices. 56 Drum/SFX kits + 480 XG Voices
  • 525 styles, including new drum kits
  • New Right Part 3 part allows combinations of up to 3 voices
  • Enhanced power for greater effects and sound
  • New user interface, with touch screen, joystick controller and assignable buttons
  • Song position jump, style section reset and playlist function
  • Chord looper function
  • Bluetooth® audio
  • High resolution sound for line out, sub-outs
  • New expansive sound field speakers
  • Enhanced expansion memory: 1 GB

Yamaha PSR SX900 Digital Arranger Package

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