KORG WAVESTATE Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

The Korg Wavestate:

  • Digital Synthesizer
  • Wave Sequencing 2.0 synthesis
  • Up to four layers per patch
  • 37 keys (velocity sensitive)
  • 64 voices
  • 240 performances
  • 740 programs
  • 1000 wave sequences
  • Joystick mixer
  • 12 filter types
  • 3 envelopes
  • 3 LFOs
  • Extensive modulation possibilities
  • 5 effect blocks incl. delay, reverb and equalizer

Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

With the Korg Wavestate, Korg transfers its famous Wave Sequencing synthesis from the 1990-1994 built Wavestation into a new age! The wavestate is a 64-voice keyboard synthesizer with a velocity sensitive 37-key keyboard that includes the new Wave Sequencing 2.0 synthesis and is also easy to use.

Sound generation with Korg Wavestate

The core of Wave Sequencing 2.0 synthesis is that duration, sample and pitch can be assigned to each step of a wave sequence. Timing, sequence, note duration, sequence values and further parameters are summarized under the term "lanes" and can be defined in more detail with loop positions, number of steps and insert point. In interaction with the four envelopes, three LFOs, velocity, modulation wheel and other sources, a complex sound construct is created that cannot be compared with any other synthesizer at present. Within the sequences there is also the possibility to insert coincidences or to modulate the steps from 0-100 percent with probability.

Fluid operation

The performance-oriented operation of the Korg wavestate is noticeable through the numerous control elements, which are also characterized by only a few double assignments. All sound-relevant parameters are directly accessible, and selected parameters can be assigned to the eight white knobs as desired. Since the sound generation of the wavestate is composed of four layers, the perfect means to adjust their levels is the handy joystick. The large display contributes a lot to the optimal overview and handling.

Filter and Effects

In the wavestate, both are not neglected: twelve filter models have been implemented to meet every taste. Included are the Korg classics MS-20 Lowpass and MS-20 Highpass which are much more biting in sound and the powerful, round Polysix filter. There are three effect blocks per layer, which offer various delay algorithms, modulation effects such as phaser or chorus, but also equalizer, compressor and special effects. The whole thing is rounded off by the higher-level reverb effect.

Sounds for eternity

The Korg wavestate is an Eldorado for sound tinkerers. Modulations and variations of what one might rather expect from a well-equipped modular system enliven the sound of this synthesizer in an amazing way. The bulging sample memory with several gigabytes of capacity also contributes to this. If there is a lack of inspiration or a new variant that you haven't thought of yet? Just press the cube button and the intelligent random function recomposes a part of the sound or the whole layer.

KORG WAVESTATE Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

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